Molded Sheets

Cured & Semi-cured

Sheet Size 27" x 31" 32" x 32"
Thickness .093" - .5" .093" - 1.5"

Extruded Strips

Great Lakes Friction Products supplies extruded proprietary formulatons of friction material which when completed are flexible or semi-flexible strips.

*Details are available in the engineering product data sheets.

Molded Parts

A variety of configurations from solid pucks, ID OD rings, gear tooth facings, intrically molded parts and more. Contact us for additional information regarding our capabilties.

Light & Medium Duty Brake Bands

In house fabrication capabilities makes Great Lakes Friction Products a leading manufacturer of light and medium duty brake bands.

  • High quality cold rolled steel construction.
  • Steel thickness' to 14 gauge.
  • Widths available to 1.5 inches.
  • Diameters from 1.75" to 10".
  • Several standard end sizes and configurations.
  • Penetrating projection welded ends.
  • Wide variety of lining types and sizes.
  • Short lead times.

Heavy Duty Brake Bands

As our fabrication capabilities expand, so does our ability. With in-house forming and robotic welding, we can offer some of the more complex heavy-duty brake bands at competitive prices.

Industrial Brake Shoes

Great Lakes Friction Products is able to offer brake shoes in all different shapes and sizes. Utilizing hydraulically activated bonding fixtures ensures adequate bonding pressure for even the largest brake shoes.

Lined Clutch Shoes

Lining centrifugal clutch shoes offer smoother engagements along with increase torque. Semi-automated bonding fixtures and conveyor type ovens enable Great Lakes Friction Products to be one of the most competitive sources for your lined clutch shoes.

Dry Friction Discs

Non-liquid cooled, or dry run friction discs can be used as clutch discs, torque limiters, or brakes. Great Lakes Friction Products is able to supply discs in all different types of configurations. Discs, or "washers" stamped from strips offer an economical means to achieve frictional requirements. Specially engineered tool design enables tight tolerances on diameters along with excellent edge conditions. With the ability to stamp gear teeth or shapes, this offers an excellent alternative to individually molded discs. Bonded discs offer higher torque ratings for heavy-duty driven plates. Bonding capabilities ranging in size from 0.5" to 48" diameters.

Wet Friction Discs

Wet or oiled immersed friction discs are used in applications where additional cooling is required or in environments where exposure to lubricants cannot be avoided.

Other Friciton Assemblies

Great Lakes Friction Products is not limited to the typical bands, shoes, and discs. We can offer several different types of cones, cups, pads, brackets, or any other configuration required.